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Magnolica-shop.com rules of sale

1. General provisions

1.1 These sale-purchase regulations (hereinafter referred to as regulations) of the Buyer and SIA "OLIVIA STYLE" (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) are a binding legal document, which stipulates the rights and obligations of the parties, ordering and paying for the goods, the order of delivery and the return conditions, as well as other regulations of buying and selling goods at https://magnolica-shop.com/ online store (hereinafter referred to as the online store).

1.2 The buyer agrees with these rules by ticking the "read and agree with the rules" in the last stage of ordering goods at the online store.

1.3 Seller has the right at any time to change, add or edit the rules.

1.4 To register and buy goods at the online store are entitled exclusively:

1.4.1. Fully-aged persons;

1.4.2 Minors of fourteen to eighteen years of age, only with the consent of a parent or guardian, unless they dispose of their own income;

1.4.3 Legal entities;

1.4.4 Authorized representatives of all of the above.

1.5 The buyer by agreeing to the rules, confirms that, in accordance with paragraph 1.4 of this set of rules, has the right to register and purchase goods at the online store magnolica-shop.com

2. Protection of personal data

2.1 Before the purchase at the online store, the buyer is not required to register on the online store. When registering a profile in the online store, the buyer must enter:

  • his first name, last name, 

  • email address

  • contact phone number

  • shipping address

2.2 By confirming these rules, the Buyer agrees that:

  • his email address and/or contact phone number will be sent messages with information about ordering, payment and delivery of the product.

  • to his e-mail address and/or contact phone number will be used for direct marketing purposes (email, SMS).

2.3 The Buyer shall provide his personal data:

  • his first name, last name, 

  • email address

  • contact phone number

  • shipping address

which are necessary for the purchase, delivery and payment of goods.

2.4 The Seller is making every effort to ensure that the processing of personal data we carry out in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (ES) 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, which repeals Directive 95/46/EB (General Data Protection Regulation) will be used only for buying, delivering goods or direct marketing.

2.5 Seller undertakes not to disclose the personal data of the customer to third parties, other than the seller's partners, which ensure the delivery of product(s) to the buyer or any other appropriate service executing the order. In all other cases, the personal data of the buyer may be disclosed to third parties only in cases determined by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

3.    The conclusion of the purchase contract

3.1 The contract between the buyer and the seller shall be deemed to have been concluded from the moment when the buyer, having selected the product(s) and formed a basket, clicks on the button "complete the order" and agrees to the rules of this online store.

3.2 After drawing up the purchase agreement, the goods selected by the buyer, the assortment, quantity, price, delivery dates and other conditions are binding and become an integral part of the agreement.

3.3 The Goods offered in the online store are available. In the event that the ordered Goods cannot be sold, the Buyer shall be informed without delay by e-mail or other means of communication (phone or SMS) and the order for these Goods is cancelled.

3.3 Sales contracts are recorded and stored in the database of the online store.

4.    Buyer's rights

4.1 The buyer has the right to buy goods at the online store in accordance with these rules.

4.2 The Buyer shall have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract concluded with the online store by notifying the seller in writing (by e-mail, indicating the desired return of the product and its serial number) no later than 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery.

4.3 The buyer can not exercise the rights stated in clause 4.2, the right of withdrawal in respect to such contracts:

4.3.1 Service Agreements that become effective as agreed to by the buyer prior to the expiration of the 14-day period;

4.3.2 Contracts for the supply of goods or services whose value depends on, beyond the supplier's control, an unstable financial market;

4.3.3 Contracts for the supply of goods that have been produced in accordance with specific instructions of the buyer or have been produced with explicit consideration for a specific buyer, or because of their nature, cannot be returned, spoil quickly or expire;

4.3.4 In other cases, when the contract of sale cannot be cancelled due to the laws stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

4.4 The buyer's right, as specified in section 4.2, can be exercised only if the product has not been damaged or its appearance has not significantly changed, also if it has not been used.

4.5 The buyer has other rights, which are stipulated in these rules and in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. 5.

5.    The seller's rights

5.1 In case the buyer is trying to interfere in any way with the functioning of online-shop and the security of data storage or violates other obligations of the buyer as stated in clause 6, in this case the seller has the right to revoke the buyer's registration, or otherwise restrict access to online-shop magnolica-shop.Com.

5.2 If the buyer wants to pay cash or bank transfer and take the goods, but it is not possible to get in touch with him within 3 (three) working days, the order is canceled.

6.    Obligations of the Buyer

6.1 The Buyer shall be obliged to pay for the goods and to receive them, as provided by these rules.

6.2 If the buyer, at the time of delivery, without a valid reason, refuses to accept the goods, the buyer is obliged to cover the costs of delivery.

6.3 The buyer is obliged to save and not to transfer to third parties the data of connection to the online store. If the buyer loses the connection data he is obliged to inform immediately. Online store is not responsible for actions taken by third parties who have used the buyer's data before the online store has been informed and the online store administrator has changed the buyer's login details. In this case, the online store can consider that the actions in the online store were performed by the buyer.

6.4 Buyers of the online store shall comply with these rules or other conditions clearly stated in the online store, and not violate the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

7.    Seller's obligations

7.1 Seller undertakes to create all the conditions for making the online store available, the operating conditions specified in these rules and other conditions specified in the online store

7.2 Seller undertakes to deliver the purchased goods to the address specified by the buyer, on the basis of the conditions set out in the rules.

7.3 Seller undertakes to respect the buyer's right to privacy and his personal information.

7.4 In an emergency situation, when due to unforeseen circumstances, when the seller could not deliver the goods purchased at the online store, the seller has the right to offer similar goods. If the buyer refuses, the seller is obliged to return the money within 7 working days.

7.5 If the buyer exercised the right stipulated in clause 4.2 of these rules and in accordance with the rules stipulated in clause 4.4, the seller is obliged to refund the money paid by the buyer within 14 (fourteen) working days, calculated from the date of receipt of returned goods.

8.    Prices for Goods

8.1 Product prices in the online store and in the formed order are in euros (eur). Seller is a VAT payer. The VAT is included in the price of goods.

8.2 The retail prices (marked out) on the sale are the prices of the goods provided by the suppliers or official distributors. Strikethrough prices are manufacturer's recommended retail sale prices.

9.    Rules of payment and terms

9.1 The buyer shall pay for the ordered goods in one of these ways:

9.1.1. Electronic banking;

9.1.2 Transfer on the basis of the issued invoice.

9.1.3. by cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods delivered by courier

9.2 The Buyer, paying for the goods in the way specified in clause 9.1.1, undertakes to pay for the goods immediately. The parcel will be formed only after the payment has been made, except if the customer has chosen the payment method described in clause 9.1.1.

9.3 The Seller reserves the right to change the payment methods, warning about the changes in the online store.

10.    Delivery of goods

10.1 The Buyer, when purchasing goods from the online store, can choose the method of delivery.

10.2 Delivery of the Product:

10.2.1 The Buyer, by selecting the delivery service, undertakes to provide the exact address for delivery;

10.2.2 The Buyer agrees to accept the goods in person. In case he/she is unable to accept the goods in person, and the goods are delivered to the address specified on the basis of the data provided by the buyer, the buyer has no right to claim for delivery of goods to the wrong entity, the seller;

10.2.3 The goods can be delivered by the seller or his authorized representative;

10.2.4 The cost of delivery is calculated depending on the delivery address, weight and size;

10.2.5 The Seller reserves the right to change the cost of delivery.

10.3 The terms of delivery of goods are presented in the description. They are preliminary and are subject to change. The Seller undertakes to make every effort to ensure that the purchased goods are delivered as soon as possible.

10.4 Upon receiving the goods, the buyer is obliged to check the contents and condition of the parcel with the seller or his authorized representative and sign the invoice, delivery note or other document of parcel transfer-acceptance. By signing the invoice, delivery note or any other parcel handover document, the Buyer agrees that the parcel is handed over in a satisfactory condition, the goods are undamaged, the damages are not attributable to factory defects or improper packaging of goods(-s) (which can be determined by examining the goods from the outside).

10.5 Upon noticing that the package of the parcel is damaged (crumpled, wet or otherwise damaged externally), the goods(s) are damaged and/or the goods(s) are incorrectly completed, the buyer is obliged to note this on the invoice, delivery note or other document of parcel transfer-acceptance, in presence of the seller or his representative, write a free-form act of violation (inconsistency) of goods(s) and (or). If the buyer did not perform these actions, the seller is relieved of liability to the buyer for the damaged goods, if the cause of damage is not a factory defect, or in connection with the discrepancy of the configuration of goods, if these discrepancies can be established during the external inspection of goods(-s).

11.    Returns

11.1 All properties of goods sold must be specified in each product description. Seller is not responsible for the color, shape, size and other parameters of the goods sold in the online store, if the color, shape, size and other parameters are distorted by the characteristics of the buyer's monitor.

11.2 In order to return the product(s) in the cases stipulated in these rules, the buyer must fill out a return document, submit it along with the returned product and inform the seller about it, as stated in clause 4.2 of these rules.

Download return document

11.3 The return of goods must comply with the following conditions:

11.3.1 The goods must be returned in the packaging in which they were delivered. The packaging must be undamaged, clean, properly prepared and packaged.

11.3.2 The Goods must not be damaged by the buyer, i.e. without mechanical or other damage;

11.3.3. the Goods must be unused, retain their commercial appearance (safety film and labels are not torn off) (this does not apply to the return of defective goods);

11.3.4 The returned merchandise must be as complete as it was received by the buyer;

11.3.5 The Seller has the right to refuse to accept the goods returned by the Buyer, if the conditions for returning the goods have not been met;

11.3.6 The buyer has no right to withdraw from the contract of sale and return the goods, if the buyer has damaged the goods or significantly changed the appearance of the goods;

11.3.7 The goods shall be returned in the manner prescribed by the seller;

11.3.8 In case the goods are returned in accordance with the rules stipulated in clause 4.2, the buyer shall pay the costs of returning the goods;

11.3.9 The money for the returned goods shall be returned only by bank transfer to the payer's bank account within 14 (fourteen) working days from the moment of receiving the goods from the buyer.

11.3.10. The Buyer shall receive money back for the goods and courier services only in case of factory defects. In other cases, the buyer shall be refunded only for the goods, the cost of courier services shall not be refunded.

11.4  Attention: women's/men's underwear, swimwear, undershirts, swimming trunks, tights, socks, nightgowns, pajamas, bras, corsets, lingerie and other similar items cannot be returned due to health and hygiene issues based on Act 6.22810

11.5 If the buyer returns the goods to the seller, noting in the system that the reason for return is a defect, the seller, upon receipt of the goods, shall appoint an examination. After the conclusion of the examination, the seller will contact the buyer by e-mail or phone, which the buyer has indicated when ordering goods.

11.6 The buyer can not return such goods, the possibility of returning which is not stipulated in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

12. Exchange of information

12.1 Seller communicates with the buyer using the e-mail address registered in his form, and the buyer can use any of the communication channels listed in the online store in the "contacts".

13. Responsibility

13.1 The buyer is solely responsible for the accuracy of the data during registration. If the buyer has provided inaccurate data in the registration, the seller is not responsible for the resulting consequences, has the right to claim compensation from the buyer for direct damages.

13.2 The buyer is fully responsible for his actions when subscribing to the online store

13.3 The Buyer is responsible for the security of personal registration data. If the registration data are used by a third party, it will be considered the buyer.

13.4 The seller is exempt from any liability in all cases, if the damage is caused by the buyer, regardless of the recommendations of the seller and his own obligations, if the buyer has not read the rules, despite the fact that this possibility has been given to him.

13.5 In the event of damage, the party at fault shall compensate the other party for direct damages.

14.    Marketing tools used by the seller

14.1 The seller may, at its discretion, carry out promotions of any kind, change the terms or stop them at any time.

14.2 Seller can provide customers with virtual currency units, which will be available to pay for goods purchased only in the online store

14.3 If the buyer buys a product using virtual money, buying and then exercising the right to return the product prescribed in clause 4.2 of these rules, the virtual currency units are deducted from the amount returned to the buyer for the returned product.

14.4 Virtual currency units are not converted into eur.

15.    Final Provisions

15.1 The online store reserves the right to suspend, at its discretion, to add, change these rules and other documents related to the rules, notifying the buyer in the online store. Additions or changes to the rules take effect from the date of their publication, i.e. from the day on which they have been posted in the online store system.

15.2 If the buyer does not agree with the new version of the rules, partial additions, changes, the buyer has the right to refuse, provided that the buyer loses the right to use the services of online store.

15.3 If after updating the rules the buyer continues to use the services provided by the online store, it is considered that the buyer agrees with the new version of the rules of partial additions and changes.

15.4 These rules are created in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

15.5 These rules apply to relations arising from the law of the Republic of Latvia.

15.6. All disputes arising in connection with the implementation of these rules shall be resolved by negotiations. In case of absence of the agreement, the dispute shall be resolved in the manner prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

15.7. The parties are released from the performance of their obligations under these Terms and Conditions if the performance is not possible due to force majeure.

15.8. Information about the Seller:

Company name: SIA "OLIVIA STYLE"

Company name: SIA "OLIVIA STYLE" 

Reg. No.: 50203251541

PVN Reg. Number: LV50203251541

Legal Address: Jūrmala, Saulgriežu iela 4, LV-2008



Account number: LV18UNLA0055001812802