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* This gift card gives its holder the rights to purchase goods and services for the amount equivalent to card face value, listed on www.magnolica-shop.com .

* The gift card can not be returned or exchanged for money or different denomination (see the front of the card).

* The gift card is valid only in www.magnolica-shop.com.

* The gift card is valid during the specified period (see the face of the card). The card will not be aviable for use after the expiry date.

* If the purchase amount is greater than the gift card value, the card holder can pay the difference with any other type of payment (Credit/debit card or cash).

* In the case of lost or stolen gift card, it can not be restored or replaced.

* Gift cards are not securities.

* After the expiration date, the card is automatically blocked.

* The gift card is not a debit/credit card, account card or securities.

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